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our rewilding site
When staying at Three Hares Carriage please feel free to explore our sixteen acres of rewilded land and keep your eyes peeled to see what nature you can spot. A perfect place for a stroll in all seasons.
We have dormice, visiting polecats and otters. If you visit us in the late spring you may spot the glowing natural wonders of our glow worms. We would be happy to show you around our land and explain how the land is changing and how we are making space for nature and allowing it to thrive. 
We are proud to have worked with the wonderful charity 'Moor Trees' to plant 4500 native trees. You can also dedicate a tree whilst staying with us to mark your holiday or a particular special occasion.
orangey brown speckled silver washed fritillary on purple knapweed
Ferns in woodland next to broken willow tree
Tawny owlet with fluffy white grey feather with eye closed sitting in brown leaves

At Three Hares Carriage we are committed to do all we can to minimise our impact on the environment. The electricity that the carriage uses is from 100% renewable energy, and all of the appliances have been chosen for their energy efficiency.
We use Ecover laundry and cleaning products.

Hill Crest is on the 'Country Bus 359' and First 'Dartmoor Explorer' routes and we have a pedestrian gate for making commuting via public transport easier.

Close up green photo of moss
black and yellow striped dragonfly holding onto grass
Snow covered track in valley with overhanging branches festooned in snow
Rainbow over field with tree guards
Sleeping dormouse amongst leaves

"Loved the walk into the woods, and what you have done with the land. "

                                                                J & B


"Love your ideas restoring woodland and it was a real pleasure to be able to plant a tree for our wedding anniversary, we will come back to this idyllic setting to see how it has grown. "

                                                                N & L

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